Hernando Muñoz Sanchez


Friday, August the 10th at 9am-10am
With simultaneous translation from Spanish to English and French
(This keynote is sponsored by Fierté Montréal)

LGBT rights in Colombia 
In this keynote, Dr. Hernando Munoz Sanchez will present the social and historical context that shapes LGBT human rights advocacy in Colombia. Colombia presently favors traditional, religious and moral conceptions of family, marriage and social roles based on patriarchal gender norms. For over 50 years, this country has plunged into many types of violence and is one of the most inequitable countries in the world, with a considerable gap between a small group of people who are wealthy and a larger society that lives in poverty. After several decades of war, today, there is a halo of hope for reaching peace after the agreements signed between the Colombian State and the FARC guerrillas. In Latin America, Colombia was one of the first countries to advance in the conquest for LGBT rights. However, same sex marriage was rejected by congress due to the influence of the Christian churches. LGBT organizations in Colombia continue to fight for their civil rights. This plenary will also explore the role of LGBT-specific research from diverse disciplines as well as the social work profession in contributing to the promotion of the rights for LGBT people in Colombia.

Dr. Hernando Munoz Sanchez is currently a full professor within the school of social work and Dean for the faculty of social and human sciences at the University of Antioquia Medellin, in Colombia. Hernando is a researcher, lecturer and activist on issues of family, gender and minority, as well as social and political leader. He has also been recognized for outstanding work in the defense of human rights and social leadership as well as other public and private institutions, receiving the Order of Merit Don Juan del Corral from the City Council of Medellin in 2012. Dr. Sanchez has also recently published a book focused on masculinities and sexualities, in 2017.