Gerald P. Mallon

Thursday, August the 9th at 1pm-2pm
With simultaneous translation from English to French


Examining the Practice and Policy Implications of LGBTQ Youth in Child Welfare or Juvenile Justice Systems
Social work has always prided itself on openness toward oppressed populations, including LGBTQ people, but this characterization of our profession has not always been true. Social work policy and practice as it relates to LGBTQ youth, has provided an inconsistent and wobbly response at best. Sexuality in social work has until recently been viewed as a taboo topic for policy makers and practitioners. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender narratives, especially of those youth who have be cared for by child welfare or juvenile justice systems have been even less acknowledged. Looking retrospectively at social work policies and practices as they pertain to LGBTQ youth for the past six decades the presenter will examine where social work has been and where sits in the 21st Century. This presentation, via a lens of intersectionality, uses case examples and some humor, to critically examine social work policies and practices with LGBTQ youth, with a particular emphasis on LGBTQ youth in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. Finally, we will look at where should be, if we aren’t there already and uncover some answers to the query of why the narratives, experiences, and lives of LGBTQ youth are critical for us to deliberate.

Gerald P. Mallon, DSW, is the Julia Lathrop Professor of Child Welfareand the Associate Dean of Scholarship and Research at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. For more than 42 years, Dr.Mallon has been a child welfare practitioner, advocate, educator, and researcher. Dr. Mallon was the first child welfare professional in
the U.S. to research, write about, and develop programs for LGBTQ youth in child welfare settings. In his role as the Executive Director of the National Center for Child Welfare Excellence, Dr. Mallon has traveled to all 50 states, many territories and numerous tribes to deliver technical assistance and training on a range of child welfare related issues particularly as they relate to youth and to foster care. Dr. Mallon also lives the talk the talk, in addition to being a child welfare professional for his entire career, he has been a foster parent and is the adoptive parent of now grown children.